RIPE All Natural Cocktail Mixers

RIPE Fresh Agave Lime Ricky

This stuff is the bomb. Just like our Agave Lemonade! It's low calorie, all natural and tastes super fresh. Add a splash of Cranberry to the mix if you really want to take your mocktail to the next level.

For a Perfect Mix:

  • Ice
  • Water (flat or bubbly)
  • RIPE Margarita Mix
  • Fresh slice of Lime
Mixing Instructions:

Our RIPE Agave Lime Ricky is great for a warm weather refresher or a palate cleanser during a nice meal with friends. Serve it in a small glass with a nice, fresh slice of fruit. 

You can use flat water with this and/or a nice bubbly water. Remember to add a fresh slice of Lime or some fruit!

  • Simply mix RIPE Margarita Mix 1:1 with water. (50% RIPE Margarita Mix and 50% Water). If you use bubbly water, pour together and stir. Do not shake--you will make a big ol mess!
  • Pour over ice.
  • Garnish with a nice piece of fresh fruit!
  • Rock and Roll.
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