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RIPE San Marzano Bloody Mary

OK. this Bloody is the real deal, fresh stuff. A couple of things to think about when making these puppies: we know most Bloody fans like to experiment so we basically designed a fresh and natural jumping-off point for the Bloody artist. For a RIPE Bloody, follow the instructions below. As always, if you wan to add anything, go for it. Let us know if you come up with any good ideas! Try using a super cool organic cucumber or tomato vodka. They add depth of flavor, and compliment a fresh cocktail mixer. We suggest using Crop Organic Vodkas, but feel free to try something else!

For a Perfect Mix:

Equipment: Shaker (although you will not be shaking)
Glass: Collins Glass
  • Ice
  • RIPE Bloody MIx
  • Premium Vodka
  • fresh lemon slice
  • fresh celery slice
  • Old Bay (optional)
Mixing Instructions:
  • If you want to use a rimmer, now is the time to rub the rim with a lemon and dip it in the Old Bay. Fill the glass with enough ice to fill all the way, do not skimp on ice! This is to measure how much ice you will need for the drink.
  • This is important: In the shaker, mix 3:1 RIPE Bloody Mary to premium vodka. Stir and/or pour the mix back and forth a bit to mix. We do not recommend shaking this drink. Our mix is designed for this ratio. If you stray because you want more booze, more power to you! But it will have less depth of flavor and it will have a more watery boozy consistency.
  • Pour into the full glass of ice.  
  • Garnish with a nice fresh piece of lemon, celery and even a nice gulf shrimp if you want.
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