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Our founders were sick and tired of not being able to hook up with a legit rum punch. It's tough to even get at true punch in the Caribbean. We decided to make a statement in the fresh RIPE style. RIPE Agave Punch is our version of a Classic Caribbean style rum punch.

Traditionally, a Caribbean style rum punch consists of fresh lime, sugar, bitters and nutmeg. We RIPE'ed it out with the addition of our own fresh squeezed Valencia and Hamlin orange juice and Costa Rican pineapple juice. 

This punch is void of sugary grenadine and sub-par canned juices. We even called our friends at Angostura Bitters to hook up with their world famous bitters to finish off our punch. It is light, refreshing and simply the ONLY fresh Caribbean style punch on the market. Use it by itself with rum for a true rum punch or rip in a hit of sweet coconut cream for a classic Painkiller. Cheers!

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, cold-pressed pineapple juice, 100% organic agave, angostura bitters, fresh milled nutmeg.

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