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agave margarita (lime sour)

It's no secret that the simplest, freshest ingredients make the best tasting products. RIPE Agave Margarita (Lime Sour) is our ode to that concept; the product that started it all. It is the epitome of simplicity and the precise balance of acidity to sweetness.

We use just four ingredients to make what we consider to be the best, freshest margarita mixer on the planet. We start with plump, juicy, Persian limes, add tangy Valencia or Hamlin oranges, throw in some 100% organic agave nectar for sweetness, and finish it all off with pure, reverse-osmosis-filtered water. We feel that the best margaritas are about fresh, balanced juice and premium 100% agave tequila - that's it.

No preservatives. No corn syrup. No Citric Acid, and absolutely no juice from concentrate. It's not trucked in from some large factory that beats up their juice by subjecting it to excessive heat; we squeeze every drop of juice we use ourselves with pride, passion and precision. All this for a taste that is pure freshness. We've done the work, all you do is add tequila, or whatever your heart desires. Think you can handle that?

ALSO KILLER AS: Any fresh lime sour juice substitution. Make fresh Gimlets, Tom Collins and Classic Daiquiris that are balanced, consistent and absolutely delicious. 

INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed Persian lime juice, cold-pressed Valencia and/or Hamlin orange juice, 100% organic agave nectar.

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