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So, How Did RIPE Bar Juice® Begin to Rock?

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. RIPE Bar Juice® is no different, except in our case, it was fathered by frustration. In the fall of 2008, tired of being subjected to the big ol’ bottle of day glow “margarita” mix, childhood friends and founders Michel Boissy and Ryan Guimond came to the conclusion that they had no choice but to create the first line of legit, handcrafted bar juices. With Mike's experience in high end kitchens and behind the bar, coupled with Ryan’s picky palate and a shared love of a good cocktail, these drink mix mercenaries set forth to create the nation's first pure squeezed, cold pressed, Bar Juice™.

On that fateful day in Mike’s Connecticut kitchen, the two made a commitment to providing consumers with a product that is handcrafted, premium and 100% legit. It was then that Freshbev LLC and RIPE Bar Juice® were born! And so it's “goodbye” to juice from concentrate, “ta-ta” high fructose corn syrup, “farewell” preservatives (natural ones too), “beat it” shelf stable cocktail mixers and “hello” fresh, natural products like no other on the market.
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