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The Process

The Bar Juice® That Will Change It All...fresh cocktail mixes

RIPE® is our commitment to fresh, natural ingredients, attention to quality control and pure processing.

We all have a bad taste in our mouth from the classic shelf stable cocktail mixer. People! Please! There is a major difference between a shelf stable cocktail mixer and RIPE Bar Juice. We take pride in the fact that we process all our own stuff and we are made and sold cold in small batches with fresh juice! This is not an easy task (probably the reason we are the only ones doing it.)

When you pick up a bottle of RIPE Bar Juice, you know it was made within the past few weeks, not the past 6 months...

Fresh, Pure, Natural Ingredients

We're serious about freshness and committed to providing the very best natural-tasting products. In fact, we purposely designed our Craft Bar Juice to be as simple as possible so that the natural flavors of the ingredients can do what they do. You will never find anything phony in our juice.  No artificial colors, flavorings, additives, high-fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, stabilizers, preservatives, sticks, rocks, starfish … you get the point. Nothing but pure, natural ingredients from mama nature.

Want proof? Here's the pudding:fresh cocktail mixes

Citrus Juices: All of our citrus is bought fresh and delivered daily to our Juicery™. We source our citrus from the U.S. and Mexico, depending on the time of year. Either way, they're both held to the same quality standards. ALL of our citrus juices are fresh squeezed by a proprietary method that maximizes fresh taste and minimizes the bitterness that can come from incorrect juicing processes.

Vegetable Juices: All of the vegetable juices in our bar juice are from fresh produce delivered to and pressed in our Craft Juicery™ daily.

Horseradish: Our fresh horseradish is American grown and supplied to us weekly. We grind this potent root in-house to ensure a superior "horse-radishy" taste. It also keep our sinuses nice and clear!

Agave Nectar: We only sweeten with premium 100% Organic Agave Nectar. This natural liquid sweetener is made from the extract of the wild agave plant, regularly harvested by the local peoples of Central Mexico. To do so, they slice off the top of the plant, hollow out its core and cap it with a stone. The pineapple shaped agave plant secretes its nectar and it collects in the hollow center for several days. Then, the milky white "juice" is removed by ladle, one plant at a time. It doesn't get much more natural than that, my friends.

And for those of you who must monitor your glucose intake, this new sweetener has a relatively low glycemic index of 32 due to its higher proportion of fructose and lower levels of glucose.

Though agave nectar is a bit more expensive, we feel that by using this all natural sweetener, we get a fuller, more enjoyable mouth feel and the benefits of avoiding a glucose-induced sugar crash (which is key!)

Our agave syrup is Certified Organic. The crops used in producing our syrup are agrochemical free; the growers that supply the raw agave plant use only natural fertilizers and employ agricultural practices that meet Organic Certification standards.

Spices: We buy only the freshest, premium organic spices we can find. Whenever possible, we also grind all our own spices in-house to ensure a true taste and palatable freshness.

Water: Always reverse osmosis filtered. 'Nuff said.

fresh cocktail mixesRIPE Pure Processing

Never Heated - Never Frozen - Unpasteurized

Small batch processing and attention to detail is the only way to ensure superior quality and consistency. We use a proprietary cold production process that ensures RIPE meets the most stringent cold-pressed standards from start to finish. We chop, peel, mill and press all of our fruits and veggies in-house into pure squeezed juice, which we then submit to several thousand pounds of pressure per square inch (this is what high pressure processing or HPP is.) The bottom line is, we simply refuse to cook the nutrients out of our juice by exposing it to heat pasteurization. By utilizing HPP technology, we are able make our juice safe for consumption while preserving the fresh flavor profile and nutritional content of pure squeezed juice.

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